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새로운 액션 영화 2017 - 최고의 한국 영화 #1.
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새로운 액션 영화 2017
#새로운액션영화2017A string of bank robberies puts the public in a panic and they demand action from the newly appointed police chief to crack down on the perpetrators. In order to appease the residents of the city and carry out his own ambitions, The police chief appoints naive traffic cop Jung Do-man to infiltrate the world of the robbers.

Movie: Going by the Book
Revised romanization: Bareuge salja
Hangul: 바르게 살자
Director: Ra Hee-Chan
Writer: Jang Jin, Lee Gyu-Bok, Hiroshi Saito
Producer: Kim Mi-Hwa, Jang Jin
Cinematographer Kim Joon-Young
Release Date: October 18, 2007
Runtime: 102 Min.
Production Budget: US$ 3.5M
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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