Published on 04 November 2017 by Looper

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Well, it's finally happened. Somehow, Marvel Studios figured out how to take one of its least interesting movie characters — the mighty Thor — and make him the star of a completely bonkers space-adventure with more laughs per minute than most recent comedies. Wasn't Ant-Man supposed to be the funny Marvel movie? How the heck did Thor: Ragnarok become the funny one. Anyway, now that the credits have rolled and the Easter Egg hunts have begun, there's just one big question left to answer: what's it all mean? While you probably get the big, overall kinda stuff — like how the good guys won, and the bad guys lost — there's still plenty of Asgardian goodness we can dive into. Hold onto your hammers while we explain the ending of Thor: Ragnarok. And before you get your breastplate in a twist, just remember: spoilers for this movie, and possibly future Marvel Movies, lie ahead...

Next stop: Oklahoma | 0:52
Hela's fiery fate | 1:46
The Mad Titan appears | 2:46
Are you ready for the Space Gem | 3:47
More mirthful Marvel | 4:32

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