Published on 14 August 2016 by ShoSho

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No man sky galaxy centre Here is how i got there
Follow the atlas path until the end. have 10 atlas stones with you. then its from black hole to black hole until you reach the center of the galaxy. After you reach the center of the galaxy you get teleported to a new Dimenssion, Hilbert dimension and start again but you keep the items, tech and ship you discoverd so far.Question is is this the biggest wtf ever or is there more to this and we just dont know it yet? Looks like the journey is not over just yet.

No Man's Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite proceduraly generated universe.

If you download The Galactic Center! No Man's Sky you agree with TOS and make sure this just for preview purpose only, and if you like The Galactic Center! No Man's Sky buy from the Official website or buy Original CD to keep spport the owner of this content.

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