Published on 12 November 2017 by LSVDPR

Director: Shadab Khan

Cast: Kritika Sachdeva, Sasho Satiiysh Saarathy, Sanghmitra Hitaishi, Saurabh Dubey

Neha Singh (newbie Kritika Sachdeva), a B.A. graduate from a fairly privileged background in Bhopal (we see her parents and elder sister in the posh living room quite often), convinces her reluctant father (Saurabh Dubey) to send her to Mumbai. He mocks her English Literature roots. It is of no use in the real world, he says, not misguidedly. She doesn’t know what she wants to do. She arrives in the city without the mandatory VT Station-behind-immigrant shot, because she probably is rich enough to fly in. She has enough “pocket money” to live in a swanky flat on rent.

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