Published on 13 February 2016 by Draikinator

look im tired of comments like "undertale fandom stop stealing su shit!!!" i would like to adress this by saying i made this video seven months ago. seven MONTHS ago like at the time i didnt evne know about the stronger than you covers. like lmao i agree i am tired of seeing undertale steal shit because undertale is the worst possible fandom but you're not gonna gain anything by harassing me over the timliness of a seven month old video. it wasnt That Big A Deal then, if id known how the undertale fandom was gonna be i wouldnt have made it. im gonna start deleting ur irrelevent comments tho because their mean for meanness sake, damage is already done, i cant imagine what more you could possibly want from me

A little baby animation I've been working on all week! I hope you enjoy. One of my favourite steven universe songs ever!

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