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What is this?
here you can find latest earthquake (multi source),watch volcano and get notifications via voice.
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Feed Seismogram Agung:
* VG.TMKS - Bali - 5km
* GE.JAGI - Jajag - 150Km
* GE.PLAI - Plampang - 158km
* GE.UGM - Wanagama - 550Km
* II.KAPI - Kappang - 589Km
* GE.GENI - Genyem - 2,804km
What JAGI?
JAGI and etc is station seismogram with spectrogram display located Jajag, Java 150Km from mt agung location.
More red, it means that there is an earthquake/shake in that location,
but it could also not be an earthquake!!!. be careful to see it.
Video Explanation

Trusted Source, Earthquake:

* Webcam / CCTV *
Mt Agung (Bali):
Mt Popocatepetl (Mexico):
Yellowstone Park (USA):
Mt Sinabung (Sumatera):
Mt Stromboli (Italy)
Mt Bezymianny (Russian)
Japan (some links may not work):

Other monitors:

Commands bot:


This stream is delayed about 30 seconds.
I'm sorry if there is incorrect information. I just want to learn :).

Chat Rules:
* Language English/Indonesia Only.
* Not offending each other.
* Do not use long username.
* Only talking about volcano or earthquakes, not politics&religion.
* No exaggerated jokes.
* Theory is allowed.
* Links are allowed but should not be too much in a short time.

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